Young Mayor Election Day

The Mayor of London’s Democracy and Engagement team made a special visit to Langdon Academy during Young Mayor Election Day to observe the proceedings and were very impressed with the participation of our students. Te

am member Rebecca Palmer said "Young people having a voice about the future of our city and services is very important as they will be the future leaders and politicians running the city and making all the key decisions. Boris is keen to support democracy and youth participation in London". At Langdon, learning is not just about exams; it’s also about democracy, engage-ment and citizenship.

Over 1500 pupils at the Academy exercised their democratic vote to elect a Young Mayor of Newham. Jeevitha Gnanakumar was successfully elected as a Youth Councillor to serve in the Young People’s Cabinet. Upon being elected, Jeevitha said "I am so proud of our Academy and how my fellow pupils took voting so seriously".


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