This year for the first time the government has published provisional GCSE league tables ahead of the final ‘validated’ tables that come out in January – and they make interesting reading. It’s true that many schools, including Langdon, will have slightly higher figures when the final tables are published, but this in most cases will only be a few percentage points.

The English Baccalaureate

IMG_6033Most strikingly, the figure which indicates the new national gold standard for an academic secondary education looks very healthy indeed for Langdon. This is known as the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) and is awarded to students who gain A* - C grade passes in English, Maths, Science, a language and either History or Geography. Over the last five years this has been developed to become the benchmark for academic performance in secondary schools and an increasingly important element in the all-round academic evidence needed to secure entry to the country’s top universities.

Indeed, the elite Russell Group of universities particularly prize what they refer to as A Levels in ‘facilitating subjects’ and many of our Year 11 students are already making their sixth form choices with this in mind. Not surprisingly, the facilitating subjects and the EBacc subjects are the same, so the EBacc really does address the issue of academic progression and is clearly a tougher standard than the previous 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths figure (5+ACEM), which ceases to be a measure of school performance this year.

Five or more A*-C passes, including English and Maths

Even though there are several schools in Newham with higher figures for 5+ACEM, it will be noted that Langdon’s figure has seen almost a 10% rise from the 2014 figure (this will rise to almost 12% in final tables), which is a tremendous achievement in our first full year as an academy, and is just the first step towards real academic excellence in this school.

Top Academic Schools in the Region

resultsHowever, when comparing Langdon with other schools for the more academic EBacc measure, you will see that only Brampton Manor and St Angela’s have achieved higher this year. And it doesn’t stop with Newham!

Redbridge has many excellent schools but only the two grammar schools, Ilford County High and Woodford County High, achieved a higher EBacc score than Langdon. In Havering, only Coopers’ Coborn and Sacred Heart of Mary Girls scored higher, and in Waltham Forest only Walthamstow Girls beat Langdon. In Barking and Dagenham, no school beat Langdon’s EBacc score.

The schools named above are all noted as being among the most academic in the region and it’s no surprise to find them topping the table. These schools are obviously much sought after by parents, carers and students themselves who are seeking the best possible academic foundation. Langdon is in excellent company. 

A Word of Caution

As mentioned at the start, these are PROVISIONAL tables, so we’re only PROVISIONALLY delighted with Langdon’s position. When the final tables are published in January our figures will be a couple of percent higher, pushing our 5+ACEM figure above the national average shown to the school’s best ever level, and pushing our EBacc figure to almost double the national average - so we may be even more delighted then!

Click here to see Newham Provisional GCSE Tables for 2015. Tables for other local authorities are available from the same website.

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