We believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve if we really try. So, at the end of term it was a delight to honour those students who showed the greatest effort and determination throughout the academic year at our prestigious Academy Awards event.

Almost 100 students and their families began their celebration evening with a garden buffet and music event, before packing into our theatre for the awards ceremony itself.

From every subject and from every year team, the award winners had one thing in common: their outstanding effort! Education research shows that rewarding effort drives up standards. This is surely obvious; those who try hardest make most progress.

That is why our teachers reward students with a ‘Merit’ when they see real effort, determination and resilience.  We know that these qualities will set our students up, not just for success at school, but for success in life.

Warm congratulations to all of our winners; they really reflect the spirit and strength of Langdon Academy and, in most cases, the strong character-forming influence of their families. However, there were some remarkable winners this year who have overcome substantial challenges and difficulties in order to achieve success in school. We salute all of them.

S Ali 3

Shaan Ali received the Principal’s Award for outstanding effort in lessons, overcoming personal challenges and playing a leading role in charity fundraising




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